3 Things To Know Before Planning Your Adventure

May 25, 2021 | Travel Tips

Are you ready to travel? I am! My list of “places I want to visit” is longer than ever. (The photo above is from the Villa Taranto Botanical Gardens in Verbania, Italy, August 2017.) But at this time in our world, travel to our favorite destinations can be complicated. The following three things are must-knows before creating an itinerary or booking a trip.

1) Is your dream destination open to visitors?

In the United States, many states and cities are welcoming visitors. International travel, however, is a different story. Many countries still have closed borders, still others only allow citizens of specific nations to enter. These guidelines vary greatly and change often, so it’s important to check them regularly.

2) Are there special COVID safety / health protocols to follow?

Practically every country (and quite a few states, regions and cities) have specific requirements visitors must follow to enter and exit. Some destinations only allow visitors from specific locations to enter. Others allow anyone who has completed their COVID vaccine series and who tests negative. Be sure you understand the process to enter your vacation spot, and for your return home especially if you are traveling outside of the U.S. (As a travel specialist, I assist my clients with these types of details.)

3) Are restaurants, activities and sites opened for visitors?

Even when destinations allow visitors inside their borders, there often are still many restrictions on activities. For example, restaurants may only allow outside dining at a much smaller capacity. Museums and other attractions may limit the number of guests at any time. And some sites simply remain closed. If you have your heart set on a particular trip this year, especially to a different country, be sure the activities you want to participate in are open and will accept reservations.

Whether it has been a year or just a few weeks since your last trip, many things have changed. I’m happy to help you plan your next adventure and make sure it is everything you hope it will be – and more!

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